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The American College of Financial Services:

  • Accelerate your lifelong learning journey with industry-leading courses for professional growth and development
  • We are proud to partner with The American College of Financial Services to offer you access to industry-leading designation and certification programs. In a world of increasing complexity, seize your opportunity for growth through applied knowledge that enhances your value to clients and opens new doors to professional success
  • Save 10% on individual course enrollments – CFP® Certification Education Program, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®, WMCP®, FSCP®, and ChSNC®

Professional Communication:

  • Learn how to influence and persuade others without formal authority and increase your overall interpersonal and organizational effectiveness
  • Develop communication strategies for different business situations and audiences
  • Learn how to create a compelling structure for your messages that moves your audience to action
  • Develop meaningful insights and convey recommendations more effectively
  • Cultivate your personal leadership and communication style to connect authentically with your audience
  • Practice how to deliver difficult messages and achieve desired results

Resume Writing:

  • Understand the real purpose of a resume
  • Learn how to write powerful and convincing accomplishment statements
  • Learn how to develop summary sections and objective statements
  • Create effective follow-up letters that reinforce your qualifications and cultural fit

Interview Skills:

  • Learn the S.T.A.R. response strategy to behavioral interview questions
  • Articulate an effective response to the development question
  • Ask questions to determine how well an organization is aligned to your values and career goals
  • Ask questions that communicate your competencies and strengths

Presentation Skills:

  • Learn the unbreakable laws of communication that will make your next in person or virtual presentation engaging, attractive, and actionable
  • Develop a signature story that’s core to your brand identity
  • Identify the most effective types of stories to connect with your audience
  • Learn body language and vocal delivery techniques that will help you present authentically and confidently in front of any type of audience
  • Build a message map to pitch your idea in as little as 15 seconds (elevator pitch), or create the outline for a longer, well-crafted presentation

Continuing Education Programs:

  • Provide up to 24 CE credit hours of state insurance (10 CFP/5 IWI) with a one-hour, in-person OR a live webinar presentation paired with a self-study course
  • Earn two CE credit hours of CFP, CIMA, CPWA, and/or RMA Ethics CE with no exam (no state insurance credit)
  • Meet most, if not all, of your CE Best Interest Standard for Annuity requirements (not available in all states)
  • Meet most, if not all, of your CE requirements (online, live webinars, and self-study CE courses)
  • Complete your Continuing Education online (course materials and examinations accessed online)
  • Complete your Continuing Education with pdf files or printed course materials and printed examination
  • Earn up to 24 CE credit hours of state insurance (10 CFP/5 IWI), with a live webinar presentation paired with a self-study course and online exam


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