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Take finance-specialized assessments to dig deeper into your professional personality and to learn how to be a better prospective candidate, coworker, employee, or manager.


Personalysis Finance-Specialized Personality Assessment

Personalysis provides a new perspective on personality. Rather than seeing your personality as a type or label, the Personalysis Profile offers a picture of your personality in action. Because it provides a clear view of three different and distinct aspects of personality, it’s like having three personality profiles in one.

The Personalysis Profile illustrates how you:

  • Attain fundamental confidence necessary for your wellbeing,
  • Approach social interactions with others,
  • Express your purpose and passion through action.

All human beings share a common operating system: a natural set of drives and behaviors that make up their personalities. But no two people are exactly alike. Personalysis offers a framework to help you quickly see those differences. Our insights cut through the bias inherent within personality style, to create true understanding of individual differences. Personalysis then becomes a powerful conversation catalyst that enables inclusion and collaboration at the highest level.

What You’ll Get:


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