Association for Diversity in Financial Talent

The premier resource of diversified talent for financial institutions worldwide

The ADFT Difference

ADFT helps our financial partners achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals by:

Sourcing Diverse Talent

We bring innovation and value to your organization by leveraging career partners, HBCUs, national minority organizations, and institutions of higher learning.

Identifying Talent for Career Opportunities

We match the holistic profile of diverse talent with financial organizations who recognize that growth and innovation come by making their company culture more inclusive and diverse.

Continuing Education

Enroll in our interactive learning program to acquire new skills, to become an effective communicator, and to be more promotable.

Find Finance Jobs

Search global opportunities with financial organizations looking for diverse talent.

Increase Your Diversity Dividend

Create a collaborative diverse work environment, to ensure a more competitive organization now and in the future.​ ADFT was founded by two financial professionals – each with a diverse background of their own – to assist financial institutions identify diverse professional talent.

Equal Pay Policies Improve Business Results

Is compensation really all that different for men and women doing the same work? The National Committee on Pay Equity Day was launched in 1996 to measure how long in the year women must work to catch up to white men’s pay from the previous year. In 2021, they found that women needed to work until March 15, 2022, or an extra 74 days of work, to earn the same pay as white men.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”


How Can ADFT Help You?

Whether you’re looking to list a job, in search of a new opportunity, or just have a general interest in ADFT, we’re here to help.

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