Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within Your Internship Programs

By Association for Diversity in Financial Talent

Let’s be honest, you already know the importance of hiring a diverse workforce. DE&I leads to better workplaces, fresh ideas, and new ways of looking at old problems. In 2017, NACE found 53 percent  of interns reported they obtained their current positions directly from their internships or internship contacts. 

So, you know it’s important to focus on diversity when hiring great employees. But what about when hiring great interns? Too many companies ignore intern diversity in their inclusion efforts and miss the boat on future talent.

Why Focus On Intern Diversity?

So why is diversity so important in your internship programs? If you think interns are just fetching coffee and getting copies, you couldn’t be more wrong. Your internship program is actually a training ground for top talent. Look at your interns and you’ll be looking at the future of your company.

The intern hire you make today has a 60 percent probability of being the entry-level superstar of tomorrow.

By focusing on inclusion directly in your internship program, you can be sure to cultivate a diverse workforce. Even better, you can establish a company culture where differences are acknowledged and valued.

Join ADFT today and see how our financial partners can help you find an internship where difference is valued.

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